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Ecuador’s own Gerardo Mejia aka Rico Suave,  a pioneer of Latin American music and business entrepreneur has launched a coffee so rich “Rico” and so smooth “Suave” even the most sophisticated palate would agree. In order to create this distinguished taste Gerardo knew that “There is no place like home.” A collaboration with Ecuadorian agriculturists, harvesting beans in the valleys of the Andes, from the rolling hills of Loja and the coastal province of El Oro, these coffee growers bring you the primo, 100% Arabica coffee bean. Rico Suave is roasted to perfection.

Serious coffee drinkers know the nose knows! The intense fragrance and floral aroma of this medium dark roast will warm the heart and enliven the senses. Rico Suave coffee offers a well-balanced smooth body with hints of chocolate,  brown sugar and roasted almond. The aftertaste of this delightful brew lingers 15-20 seconds on the palate. The acidity level is medium to high with a fruity acidity, not citrus and not bitter. Our coffee is perfect for regular or cold brew.

Sit back, relax and drink Rico Suave Coffee and take life one sip at a time.

Ecuador is known for its extraordinary coffee and its quality. From the middle of the world, we are proud to offer you only the finest coffee beans.

Our coffee has incredible notes of Chocolate, Roasted Almonds, Brown Sugar and an Intense Floral Aroma with a prolonged aftertaste.

Ethically Sourced

Every moment has its flavor and our favorite one tastes like Coffee

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